Michael Christensen President“At EmpowerHMS, we are committed to providing services that are convenient, accessible, and vital to our mission to improve life and ensure that small communities have excellent healthcare.

As a leading healthcare provider in the communities we serve, it is our goal to work cooperatively with physicians and specialty providers who share our commitment to delivering superior compassionate outcomes, innovative care, high levels of service, and greater choice for patients and employers. 

We are thrilled to be affiliated with the Cardiovascular Institute of America and their team of dedicated professionals. They are everything a cardiology group should be and are extremely diligent, vigilant, caring, personable, optimistic, innovative, and compassionate; all while demonstrating an amazing level of professional skill with our patients.  With this affiliation, EmpowerHMS patients now have access to even more advanced specialty cardiology care, while ensuring that high quality care remains local and close to home.”

Michael Christensen, President EmpowerHMS


James NobleExceeded our Expectations! The team at Cardiovascular Institute of America exceeded all expectations when developing a Cardiology Clinic at our Facility. The entire team from Physicians, Ultrasound Techs, Information Technologists, and Office Personnel couldn’t have been more friendly and helpful to our staff here at Horton Community Hospital. The community is overjoyed that there will be a Cardiology Clinic at our facility five days a week, with telemedicine consults taking place at night on an emergency basis. This is the first time that we have seen a team as dedicated to our rural communities as we are. As the CEO of Horton Community Hospital I can tell you that this kind of compassion and dedication is as refreshing as a summer breeze…

James D Noble | CEO | Horton Community Hospital




Dan HibenCardiovascular Institute of America has brought needed services to our local community that allows patients to see a cardiologist or have various types of tests done without the hassle and expense of driving out of town. The Cardiovascular Institute of America staff is very professional, kind and caring to patients and hospital staff as well. We are excited to partner with CIA in helping us provide better care for our patients.

Daniel Hiben, CEO Oswego Community Hospital